We're Changing the Industry

AWI’s longstanding mission is to provide you with opportunities to add value to your products without adding unnecessary additional costs.

The next generation of AWI’s Architectural Woodwork Standards is set to be a game changer, allowing industry professionals greater flexibility following specific criteria for performance and quality when purchasing, manufacturing, or installing architectural wood components.

For the first time, manufacturers and suppliers will have the opportunity to comply with AWI’s new Performance Duty Levels while also leveraging cost savings from unique and innovative joinery methods and manufacturing processes.

Wondering if your unique joinery method and material combination meets the new AWI Standards' Performance Duty Levels?

Find out through the AWI National Testing Center’s rigorous battery of tests! Beginning in January 2019, AWI extends its offerings to product testing as a service to the industry. AWI is currently accepting advance service orders for 2019 casework testing.

The AWI National Testing Center

The AWI National Testing Center is a woodwork testing laboratory equipped with temperature/humidity monitoring/recording, electromechanical load-frame testers, full-size casework testing fixtures, and 24-hour closed circuit video recording, ensuring accurate and repeatable test outcomes.

The AWI National Testing Center’s experienced staff are dedicated to handling all of your testing needs through development and implementation of standardized testing methodologies and data collection/analysis systems.

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